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Carve Magazine


What I Would Like to Grow in My Garden–on (originally in Tin House)

Wind Pulls at the Gravity-Bound–in Cider Press Review

Not Every Body is This Hard to Carry–in SWWIM (re-posted in the Best American Poetry blog by Denise Duhamel)

Two Poems–in One Art

Time is Not Real, but Scientists Say It Makes No Difference to Us–in Thimble


Ordering a Zero Gravity Chair Online–in SWWIM

To Myself at Twelve–in Quartet

Talking–in Tinderbox Poetry Journal

Mind Like the Sky–in the Buddhist Poetry Review

Talking to Other Women after the Election–on Verse Daily April 1, 2019 (originally in Iron Horse)

We Had to Leave–in Best of the Net 2018 (originally in Psaltery and Lyre)

What My Mother Should Have Told Me–in Dialogist

Three poems–in MAYDAY Magazine

Two poems–in Watershed Review

Two poems–in Jet Fuel Review

America–in The Lascaux Review

choosing the rest of us–in The Rise Up Review

Snow White–in Orion

Many Rivers–in Gulf Stream

Four poems in Escape Into Life

Gratitude–in the DMQ Review

Listening to the House–in failbetter

Three poems in The Buddhist Poetry Review


Five poems in Poetry Kanto


Five Letters to Colin Firth–in The Offing


Five Reasons to Kiss My Gynecologist–in The Rumpus

I Dream About the Apocalypse–in Brevity

Run Towards Each Other–on the Brevity blog

Bottomland–in The Common

Place Where You Live–in Orion

All the Love You Want–originally in Cream City Review