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Life coach, mentor, helper along the way–all of these terms work. I specialize in mindfulness and meditation, and will incorporate poetry if it seems appropriate. I personally like the term “mentor”: someone who teaches only after listening very carefully and compassionately. I believe meditation and mindfulness are useful tools for anyone, and that the key is to find the right way for them to help you. Meditation is not just about sitting still and “trying to clear your mind” (which is good, because that’s impossible). There are all types of meditation, as I’m working to illustrate in my book-in-progress called There’s No Wrong Way: 44 Meditations.

I’ve spent many years learning about and practicing meditation and mindfulness, though not as many (unfortunately) as I’ve spent managing my depression. Meditation isn’t a cure for depression or for anything else, but it is a big door that opens onto a world with more possibilities than we can usually see. And for the growing number of people struggling with depression and anxiety, meditation can be an essential tool in the fight for a joyful life.

I don’t believe any single strategy is going to fix your life. I don’t believe your life needs fixing. I do believe that a perspective shift–a paradigm shift–is necessary to save us all, in this time with its unparalleled distractions and its unparalleled possibilities. I would like to help you move towards that shift in the ways that work for you.

My approach does not assume nor push any particular religion, though my personal philosophy tends to be closest to Buddhism. I will never question your faith if you have it, nor urge you to follow one if you don’t.



Talks to large or small groups, in public or in your house.

Interactive workshops on meditation and mindfulness for groups of 2-10.

Individual sessions focusing on discovering and exploring the right type of meditation for your specific needs.

Please contact me with any questions!

To read more about my ideas on meditation, mindfulness, mental health and more, check out my blog The Manifesto, my book of the same title, or the videos on my YouTube channel.

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