My classes will now be offered through Sweet, the online literary magazine I co-founded and now serve as Managing Editor. We will also offer courses with other instructors, from one-time sessions to six weeks of synchronous (Zoom) or asynchronous (Wet.Ink) classes. 







February-March 2023

Theme: Heart

For some, “heart” is an unwelcome word in creative work, relegated to sentimentality and children’s unsure cutouts of red construction paper. But it remains an essential metaphor for what matters most: the heart of the poem, heartbroken, heartsore, full of heart, heartened. When we speak of the heart we’re not just talking about romantic love, but about how we survive, what makes us vulnerable, and how we find meaning in the chaos of existence. The poems, flash creative nonfiction pieces, and prompts for this class will ask you to dig into what “heart” means to you.


February 20-March, every Monday evening 7-9pm Eastern Time

LOGISTICS: I’ll email you a sample piece and optional prompt one week before each workshop session. Each piece will be workshopped for approximately 20 minutes, which includes time spent reading the poem/flash essay aloud, so please understand that long pieces will cut into discussion time. Everyone will send their pieces to the class through Zoom chat when the class begins, so we can all have the relevant piece open on our computers during discussion. Please note that I have my own specific rules for workshopping, which I have found over years of teaching serve to support a positive workshop experience. Language matters: we will discuss and respond to participant poems and essays, not “critique” them. Workshop will include praise, interpretation, questions, and suggestions. Comments will be as specific as possible, and discussion will include why and how writerly choices affect the reader. More information on workshop format will be provided with the first writing prompt.

Asynchronous–Offered through Wet.Ink


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NOTE: I have 20+ years experience teaching creative writing (poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction) at the college and university level, and over 10 years as co-founder and editor of a literary magazine and chapbook press. I focus on helping writers accomplish what they want to do, rather than dictating a particular aesthetic or approach. This blog post of mine might help explain my philosophy. Students have had poems and essays they produced in my online classes published in Brevity, The Rupture, Still: The Journal, Terrain, and more.