Ever wanted to try meditation, but thought you weren’t capable? Ever tried and decided you failed? This book lays out 44 suggestions for different types of meditation, and helps define meditation and mindfulness in the process. It’s fun, often light-hearted, and full of hope.

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From the book:

“First, what is meditation?…For the purposes of this book, meditation is an activity that brings your attention to the present moment. Some practitioners would call this mindfulness…”

“[Meditation is] as delicious as chocolate cake, as absorbing as video games, as relaxing as lying down. A little meditation gives you a burst of wellbeing. The key to meditation as fun? Resisting the shoulds.”

“Stoplight meditation: When you’re driving and you come to a red light, instead of fretting about being stopped, remember that your fretting will not affect the light at all. It will turn green when it turns green; you cannot control it. So drop your shoulders and take a deep breath, all the way in, all the way out.”

“Aquarium meditation: Go somewhere that has an aquarium and watch the fish. Watch the bubbles. It’s a whole different world in there, far from your worries about car insurance and the price of cupcakes.”