Drawing from a variety of philosophies and spiritual traditions, The Manifesto lays out ten suggestions for living a freer life, and encourages readers to write their own manifestos.

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From the book:

“I will not judge myself. I will be as gentle and compassionate with myself as I would with a friend…”

“It seems easy to fear the inner life, and the privacy and solitude required to nurture one. Many of us fill up our minutes with everything we can think of…”

“…there is no person whose primary relationships are simple and perfect…We are all flawed. We are all struggling.”

“To live in the present moment means understanding simply that we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

“There is no way for the world to measure your wisdom or peace or understanding, your insight into yourself and your life…This dream will not be crushed by an indifferent world. Every small increment of understanding is a triumph.”

“Our great creations are our own lives.”